Decaffeinated Coffee
Decaffeinated Coffee Colombian  –  Mellow acidity with a strong
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Decaffeinated Coffee

Colombian  –  Mellow acidity with a strong caramel undertone, medium body.

Sumatran  –  Sumatra’s have a deep dark almost meaty earthiness to them they also take a dark roast well with some smoky flavor.

Brazilian  –  A pea nutty quality and heavy body with some chocolate, spice and a little aftertaste.

Espresso  –  A syrupy bitter sweet shot of wonder that is the concentrated “essence” of coffee.

Coffee Tree Express Are Locally owned. We are a roaster of fine specialty coffee imported from around the world. We roast our coffee at a high elevation for the best expansion of the bean. Which results in the extraction of the most coffee flavor and aroma.We are located at 196 E. Sierra Ave. Portola CA, Contact us at 530-832-4563.

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