My Critical Thinking skills were learned, not in medical school, but as a result of the sheer multitude of critical decisions and problems that I faced daily in the Emergency Room. Most professionals don't experience the volume of critical decisions that physicians face. I used this unique opportunity to explore, understand, and improve my own decision-making process.

The result is ERthink. 20 years in the Emergency Room taught me that Critical Decision Making is not about how smart you are -- it's about how well you understand and control your own human, hardwired, mental shortcuts -- it's these shortcuts that usually get us into trouble.

If it's not simple, and at your fingertips at a Critical Decision point, all of the books, manuals, and DVDs in the world will not help! This is NOT a full day course, with hours of brain learning theory, costing thousands of dollars per student. This is a 90-minute seminar specifically designed to be practical and time efficient for busy management teams.
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Stan Shapiro
PO Box 630
Kellogg, Idaho 83837
Texting: ERTHINK to 72727
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