Fulshear Family Medicine handles a large number of prescription refill requests in the form of calls from patients, faxes from patients and pharmacies, and electronic requests from pharmacies. In order to continue providing the highest quality medical care and ensure your safety, we have implemented the following prescription policy.

Prior to your scheduled office visit, please look over all of your medications, inhalers, diabetes supplies, etc. to determine if you need to request refills during your visit with the physician.

We ask that all patients bring his or her medications and supplements to the office visit for our nurses and physicians to review. This helps us keep an accurate record of all medications prescribed by all medical providers involved in your care.

How do I gain a referral to a specialist?
In order to familiarize your primary care physician with your conditions and to improve communication with the specialist, we ask that your problem is evaluated by our office first. We will then be happy to refer you to the specialist of your choice or recommend one if needed.

How can I stay healthy?
Eat a healthy diet.
Exercise regularly.
Do not use any form of tobacco.
Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all.
Do not use illegal drugs.
Practice safe sex.
Wear your seat belt.
Eliminate stress.
Take your medications as prescribed by your physician.
See your primary care physician for preventative care visits.
We believe that prevention is the key to a healthy life. Our physicians and medical staff are always happy to help you achieve your goals.
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