Hartzell Hardwoods, Inc.

Hartzell Hardwoods Has Over 140 Years Experience with Walnut Lumber and Thick Stock Oak Lumber.

The Hartzell Company was founded in 1875 when John T. Hartzell borrowed $25 from his uncle to go into the wagon business because he no longer wanted to work on the family farm. He soon set up a sawmill to supply the Oak and Ash lumber needed for his business. George W. Hartzell, his son, bought the company in 1900 and began specializing in Walnut lumber for the European market.

When a World War I embargo shut off lumber markets into Europe, Hartzell turned to the production of walnut gunstocks and walnut airplane propellers for the war effort. Hartzell's propeller manufacturing experience had a simple beginning, as the first blades were literally chopped out of glued-up walnut blocks with hatchets. During World War II, Hartzell again furnished many of the gunstocks that were used.

After World War II, Hartzell Hardwoods continued to lead the Hardwood Lumber industry in innovation and diversification.

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Hartzell Hardwoods, Inc.
Bryan Brawner
3310 North Industrial Road
Kirksville, Missouri 63501 US
Texting: HARTZELL to 72727
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Monday - Friday : 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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