Johnson's Gems

Stated quite plainly, Johnsons Gems and Collectibles is the best Gem and Mineral store in Montana, Idaho, Washington or Oregon (and possibly the Universe). What makes JG&C so much better than their competitors?

1. The Johnsons are a mining family. They know mining, rocks, and minerals inside-out. They are unlike most gem and mineral store owners because they actually know what they are talking about from first-hand experience.

2. The Johnsons love their work, and their passion is infectious. They have a love of rocks, gems, and minerals big-time!

3. This family is well-connected and still active in the mining industry. They know most of the area's miners, and the retired miners as well. You will see that Johnsons Gems is becoming a gathering place for those that love stones, rocks and gems. Come to Wallace, and meet the rock stars.
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Johnson's Gems
Brenda Johnson
524 Bank St
Wallace, Idaho 83873
Texting: JOHNSONSGEMS to 72727
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OPEN 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.


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