Sunrise Mental Math Club

Sunrise Mental Math Club is a great place for your child to improve his/her math skills and learn to LOVE it! The first class is free!

Is it possible to improve a child's math skills, concentration, memory, visualization, critical thinking, and problem- solving abilities? Yes! Abacus Mental Math is a proven method to boost a human's brain capacity starting as early as 4 years old.

What are the benefits of Mental Math? It improves arithmetic skills, concentration, observation, and memory. It helps develop a better personal and academic performance and comprehension of any other subject. It makes your child more confident in his/her math skills.

How does Abacus Mental Math work? With continuous and structured use of Soroban, a Japanese Abacus and visualization techniques, a child adopts the pattern of Abacus and performs calculations in his or her mind and at a higher speed and accuracy.

Visual, auditory and motor skills techniques enhance a child's brain to absorb new information and acquire new learning skills.
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Sunrise Mental Math Club
Natalya Kapyrina
7765 N New Richmond Rd.
New Richmond, Indiana 47967 US
Texting: SUNRISE to 72727
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Monday-Thursday 8.00-7.30
Friday 8.00-4.30

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