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We mean that figuratively and literally. Were all familiar with the stress and frustration associated with wine shoppingWhat pairs with what? How much should I spend? Is this brand any good?and the sheer uncertainty of an untrained, uninformed selection. But moreover, were familiar with the more-consistent-than-clockwork morning-after migraine that accompanies a night of wine consumption. Its arguably the most prevalent drawback to drinking wine at all. Sarah is all-too familiar with this feeling.

Ironically, it started while she was studying to become a sommelier. What started as a glass of wine to accompany long nights of cramming would eventually materialize into an unbearable headache the next day. Sarah knew something was off. A single glass shouldnt lead to pain of this magnitude. So she began doing some research of her own. She spoke with renowned naturopathic physicians, and she consulted with vintners. Eventually, she discovered the source of these headaches: the up-to 300 chemical additives imbued in almost all mass-produced wine. Yeah. 300. Crazy, right?

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Scout & Cellar
Aly Garza Ferrante
9734 Haven Crossing Ct
Houston, Texas 77065
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