Lassen Drug Company

Lassen Drug Co is a small organization in the drug stores and proprietary stores industry located in the small town of Chester, CA. Chester is located south of MT. Lassen and on the north shore of Lake Almanor, where the North Fork of the Feather river runs through the town.

The residents enjoy quiet solitude and a strong sense of community bonding. We incorporate this feeling in our business philosophy. We treat every patient fairly and with concern for their health and well being.

Lassen Drug is family owned and operated by Harry and Susan LeSeur since June 1999. Harry graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree in June 1990. Harry's dream came true when he purchased Lassen Drug Co. from Will and Sharon Henry.

Harry and the friendly professional staff of Lassen Drug Co. are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your prescription, over the counter medications, and local activities.

Lassen Drug Co was established in 1945 by Larry Hope and Jim Warner. It was originally where Wisteria now is. In 1955 it was moved to our corner and in 1971 Will & Sharon Henry purchased it and ran it as Lassen Drug Co until they sold out the pharmacy only in 1999 to Harry & Susan LeSeur when it was moved to Holiday Mkt. The business name was then changed to Lassen Gift Company and the pharmacy area was changed to the Christmas dep't.

Lassen Drug company offers everything the community could need as far as medical supplies go. Everything From prescription drug services, over the counter, and supplements to promote better health. Its an Honor to serve the greater Lake Almanor and the amazing people who reside here and those who just visit.
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Lassen Drug Company
Harry & Susan LeSeur
271 Main St
Chester, California 96020 US
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Business Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday and selected Holidays

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