Yuhshin USA Ltd dba Ortech

Founded a joint venture company Shinko commerce with capital 50,000 yen. We reorganized as Warima Kaikan Co., Ltd. with a capital of 100,000 yen. New factory established in Kamata Ward, Tokyo (now, Ota Ward) . In 1987, Established joint venture Yoshinobu Kogyo Co., Ltd. with Yushin and Shinshin Industry Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, In 1995, Establishment agreement to establish Chapadoo Automotive (current Autech Malaysia). In 1998, Showa Co., Ltd. (currently Yushin Shoowa) established through acquiring goodwill of former Showa Rock Co., Ltd.

In 2002, Management integration of housing equipment department in Showa Co., Ltd., changed the name to Yushin Shoowa Co., Ltd. In 2003, Established Japan's trusted international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China. Establishment of U-SHIN DEUTSCHLAND GMBH in Germany. Headquarters moved to your current location (Shiba NBF Tower No. 1 30 Shiba Daimon 1 - chome, Minato - ku, Tokyo).
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Yuhshin USA Ltd dba Ortech
John Hurd
2806 Industrial Road
Kirksville, Missouri 63501
Texting: YUHSHIN to 21777
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