Barth Electronics, Inc.

Barth Electronics, Inc. is a high technology company specializing in designing and manufacturing state of the art sub-nanosecond high energy, pulse power instrumentation since 1964 . Originating in Ohio then moving to Boulder City, Nevada in 1976 during the days of weapons testing at the Nevada Test Site, we designed and manufactured very special test hardware for EG&G in Las Vegas as well as the National Laboratories.

Barth Electronics, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art, fast-pulse, high-voltage measurement hardware for over 40 years. Our ability to produce and measure the fastest controlled pulses by complete software selection of parameters is unequaled in the ESD testing industry. We offer both package and wafer testing capability.

Our first high voltage pulse instrumentation hardware was designed for underground nuclear testing, and taught us much about reliable wideband HV attenuators. These "special" products have become "standards" and are used every day for reliable pulse measurements in physics and pulse power laboratories around the world. Our instrumentation advances developed as high voltage pulse technology evolved and are consistently faster than previously generated pulses. We stay at the leading edge of this technology by constantly creating innovations in component design that you require now, or will need tomorrow.

Barth Electronics, Inc. stands behind every high quality product that goes out our door. All testing by Barth Electronics, Inc. is done through our Boulder City, Nevada facility only. When you receive a system from Barth Electronics, Inc., you can be assured that the quality and workmanship that goes into producing it are among the highest in the world. That is why Barth Electronics Inc. stands alone when we offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee on all of our systems.
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Barth Electronics, Inc.
Jon Barth
1589 Foothill Drive
Boulder City, Nevada 89005 US
Texting: B.ELECTRONICS to 72727
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