The Bee Man is licensed, insured and bonded. Knowing the urgency of bee related issues, we are readily available 24/7 for emergency services when needed. The Bee Man offers free phone estimates as well as volume, church, and senior citizen discounts.

Bees began to impact the people of Southern California by establishing colonies and honeycomb inside structures. As the request for removing bees in structures increased, The Bee Man established itself as the premier specialist in dealing with the control and removal of bees and other stinging insects including the Africanized bee. We pride ourselves on our expertise, our excellent response time, customer service, and professionalism. We are proud to have developed exceptional and long-standing relationships with commercial and residential communities throughout Southern California.

The Bee Man provides the following services:

*Certified and experts in handling of the Africanized Bee.
*Honeybee swarms and honeybee hives treated and removed.
*Bumblebee nests treated and removed.
*Carpenter bees treated and eliminated.
*Yellow jacket nests treated and removed.
*Wasp nest removal; all nests on accessible eaves are removed and disposed of.
*Sand bees and sand wasps treated and eliminated.
*Birds: pigeons, owls, sparrow, swallows, etc. Nests removed, debris and droppings *cleaned up, exclusion and control.
*Removal and exclusion of all the above from attics and walls.
*Certified in handling fire ants.
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25652 Taladro Circle, Suite G
Mission Viejo, California 92691
Texting: TBEEMAN to 21777
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