Our story began with one little girl and her love of cupcakes, tutus, and all things sweet in this world. Her name is Haley Joy Gibson. Haley is the granddaughter of Joy Sanders, the owner of Tutu's Toppers.

Haley was a bright fun loving little girl that lived in upstate N.Y., where most of our family resides, with her mommy, daddy, older brother and older sister. She was the life of any party and her laugh could be heard from blocks away. Her smile could light the darkest places on earth. She refused, on most occasions, to be seen in public without some form of a tutu on. It was her glam factor, and we all loved her wild spirit.

Then one day when little Haley was 4 years old, she fell ill and was diagnosed with D.P.I.G., a type of very aggressive tumor. Within 2 days of her diagnosis, baby Haley was taken from this world.

With the help of her entire family Tutu's Toppers was born to memorialize Haley's love for all things pink, frilly, and sweet. We hope that these delicious treats make you smile, and bring a little light into your day, just like Haley did for us.


Joy Sanders,
WINNEMUCCA, Nevada 89445
(775) 346-0487
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