About Graeagle Merchants

Graeagle Merchants Association:

The Association is comprised of business and professional leaders throughout the Graeagle Community who share a common interest in promoting a strong retail and service economy through advertising, sponsorship of local events, social activities, and offering a strong support system to its membership.


As with all of California, the Graeagle area was initially inhabited by Native Americans. The Maidu in particular lived in this area and made encampments throughout the locale. The famous African American mountain man James Beckwourth discovered a nearby way across the Sierras in the 1840s that paved the way for immigrants to filter into this portion of the Sierras. The California Gold Rush of 1848-49 also lured lots of miners into the surrounding hills searching for gold. Then, farming families followed and they too migrated into the Mohawk Valley, the Sierra Valley and other areas of California. Ranches were established as the meadows were ideal for raising beef and dairy cattle, providing hay for feed. The plentitude of fertile soils in the area provided for the growing of wheat, potatoes, and other vegetables. These not only sustained the farmers and ranchers, but also supplied the nearby mines.

Graeagle Merchants

Joanne Williamson,
P.O. Box 1114
Graeagle, California 96103
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