About United Way of Inner Wisconsin

United Way of Inner Wisconsin invests in local programs, coalitions and initiatives that provide the Building Blocks of a Better Life: Education, Income, Health and Safety Net Services.

We are a community of connected individuals, all people, united and working together for the benefit of all, which is at the heart of what United Way represents. Unlike charities that base their appeal on giving to the needy, United Way recognizes that we are all part of something greater, and that a tear anywhere weakens the entire social fabric.

We all win... when a child succeeds in school, when a neighborhood is healthy, when families are financially stable. It takes a community working together to reach our goals. We will continue to make progress so our children have a better future! We invite you to join us, to bring your passion, expertise and resources together to get things done all across the community! LIVE UNITED!

United Way of Inner Wisconsin

Tari Jahns,
351 Oak St
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494
(715) 421-0390
Access our Mobile App by texting UNITEDWAY to 72727