About Singing Trees Recovery Center

The philosophy behind the Singing Trees Recovery Center substance abuse treatment program is to combine the best of both medical and social model approaches to alcohol and drug abuse treatments. Singing Trees Recovery Center provides medical support,intensive educationand counseling, as well as reinforces the concepts and principals of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Singing Trees Recovery Center respects the residents right to make his/her own choices and to recover at a pace that is comfortable for them.Singing Trees Recovery Center does not use aggressive confrontational counseling, but relies on a variety of approaches that honor the resident and seek to effectively implement a substance abuse treatment program.

Singing Trees Recovery Center is located just south of Garberville, California, and serves all of Northern California, including Redding, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Nestled in the midst of an ancient old growth Redwood forest, Singing Trees offers a beautiful and serene recovery environment unavailable anywhere else in the world. Residents and their families are provided with several recreational opportunities, from swimming in the sparkling eel river to strolling through our majestic redwood forest.

Singing Trees Recovery Center

Patti Watson,
P.O. Box 8
Garberville, California 95542
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