About Global Water Resources

At Global Water, we work hard everyday to ensure that a vital resource such as water will still be available 100 years from now. We plan for the future by providing regionally integrated water and wastewater systems, wherein we seek to maximize the use of recycled water and drive down overall water use.

Our advanced systems supply clean water to residences and businesses, then collect and treat wastewater to strict standards. By cleaning and treating the water that goes down your drain, we make it useful again for things like irrigation, neighborhood parks, schools, and golf courses.

We also seek to partner with our customers in the conservation of water, by providing useful tools and individualized information on water use.

Global Water Resources, Inc. is a water resource management company. We provide water, wastewater, and recycled water utility services.

Recycled water is what we produce when we treat and purify wastewater. We distribute recycled water throughout the communities we serve in a separate system of pipes. We use recycled water for a variety of outdoor uses.

We call our approach Total Water Management. We manage the entire water cycle, conserving water by using the right water for the right use. Total Water Management protects supplies in areas where water is scarce, making supplies available for additional growth and long-term sustainability.

Global Water invests in people, processes, and technology to be one of the most efficient and reliable operations in the industry.

Global Water manages precious water resources to protect and create long-term renewable water supplies in our utilities.

Global Water cleans and treats discarded water, creating a reusable source of water for irrigation, while preserving potable water for drinking.

Global Water Resources

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