Apricot Mead

$17.00 (+ sales tax if applicable)

Apricot Mead

A few years ago you had to have your own tree to enjoy this delicate fruit.  It is still hand picked, but today with the latest methods of packaging and handling, it is available in the better markets.   Blossoming and ripening in early summer, as with all our juices, it is frozen immediately after harvest to preserve its delicate flavor and aroma.

Our Mead conveys the subtle taste and fragrance of this fruit.  Our light carbonation and fermentation with honey make this a favorite of many of our Mead enthusiasts.  It is slightly sweet and contains only 7.5% alcohol by volume (ABV)  It is available in our 750 ml. bottles for $17.00. 

Serve chilled in tall narrow glasses.                       

Six or more ship free

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Strad Meadery
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Strad Meadery was founded in 2011 to replicate a beverage the ancients called "Nectar of the Gods". They used honey to facilitate the fermentation process. We know it today as Mead.