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Business Concept:
1. Create an FREE online directory offering a FREE listing to all locally owned businesses. 
2. Advertise and market this directory to the public to help them identify locally owned businesses.
3. Educate consumers how “Choosing Locally Owned First” when making purchase decisions benefits our entire community and creates jobs.
4. Launch a “10%SHIFTin2011” - “Choose Local First” campaign.
5. Build a LOCAL Business CO-OP offering support and tools designed to create jobs, economic recovery and promote Business to Business sales using the latest internet marketing strategies.
6. Unite and link to Community Leaders and assist them in creating a resilient, vibrant, sustainable community with one easily accessible program at www.BuyLocalRenoSparks.com.
7. Introduce a GREEN BUSINESS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE chapter to our community and promote sustainability and responsibility in Northern Nevada.
*Encourage Reno/Sparks residents to:
Think local – Choose local – LIVE LOCAL 
New Ideas:
The key ingredients to the success of our program as a marketing and education tool are combining a "Choose Local First" campaign with a free business directory listing for every locally owned independent business. 
*Raise support for the Reno-Sparks Local Business Co-Op, a local non-profit program 
*Offer memberships to businesses and individuals
*Offer supporting opportunities to foundations
*Produce local events and workshops
*Offer internet marketing tools to local businesses
*10%in2012 is a community-wide grassroots movement of citizens, businesses, and non-profits working to shift 10% or more of their own annual spending from non-local businesses to locally owned independent businesses. This modest but important change will result in a larger share of our dollars staying in our region, creating an economic multiplier that supports thousands of new jobs and spurs a fundamental transformation of our economy.
Total Positive Economic Impact in Reno/Sparks Area based on increased locally generated Sales Revenue; $350,000,000*!!! THAT'S $350 MILLION DOLLARS + 2,500 MORE JOBS with $50,000,000 in wages!!
*Move Your Money RenoSparks! People fed up with the nation's biggest banks, whose investment practices are partly responsible for the financial crisis, are pledging to move their money to small community banks and credit unions. They're taking the power into their own hands and voting with their dollars to help put an end to predatory lending, outrageous fees and impersonal service. Now is the time to join this grassroots campaign and take action.
Local Rewards:
*More money re-circulating in the local economy, maintaining the unique character and feel of our community
*Reduce our environmental footprint, protecting our natural open spaces by supporting central business districts
*Greater support for local community organizations
*Increase local tax revenue without raising taxes
*Support more stable and secure energy, transportation, education and food systems.
In Review:
*Independent locally owned businesses can flourish in today’s economy and exceed past levels of success 
*Local businesses can be both sustainable and profitable 
*Working together we can educate consumers and change purchasing habits
*Supporting local businesses creates more revenue in our local economy without new taxes
By bringing together and promoting the local building blocks for a sustainable community, 
the Reno-Sparks Local Business Co-Op will help provide a better quality of life for ALL!!!!!!

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