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All new clients please make sure to bring your prior year tax return and any PIN numbers issued by the IRS to your first appointment. Also check the list below and bring documents applicable to your financial situation:

  • Proof of Health Insurance or Exemption Certificate Form 1095
  • Banking information for refund or payment of balance due, void check
  • Personal information including social security number(s), date of birth(s) of all taxpayer(s) and dependent(s)
  • Divorce/custody agreements, birth certificates if claiming Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Child care expenses including providers EIN or SSN
  • Proof of head of household
  • Proof of dependent status
  • Estimated Tax Payments
  • W-2s
  • W-2Gs (as well as gaming statements (win/loss) issued by Casinos)
  • 1099's (issued by you and issued to you) These include 1099-R Retirement, 1099-S Proceeds form Real Estate Transactions
  • Social Security Benefits Notice 1099-SSA
  • Retirement income, 1099-R
  • Dividends and interest, 1099-B
  • Deduction information: mortgage interest 1098, property taxes, personal property taxes (DMV registrations), and charitable contributions
  • Tuition statements, and all education expenses, 1098-T
  • Student Loan Interest
  • Sales tax expenses, copies of any eligible large purchases
  • IRA and related retirement fund and distribution statements, investment statements
  • Rental property income and expense, mortgage interest, insurance, property taxes, rental expenses
  • Refinance statements or escrow documents for any Real Estate transactions
  • Business records for Business Tax Returns, partner information (Including address and SSN), home office square footage and total home square footage
  • Any income or expense items not mentioned above

Please review your prior year tax return to see if you have any other situations that are not mentioned above and bring the appropriate documentation necessary to complete your tax return.

Thank you for taking the time to properly prepare for your tax appointment, allowing us to serve you more efficiently.